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Lore Wiki for the Mana Central High roleplay. Note: This is non-canonical to Adventurers of Whimshire, and is an alternate universe. Link:


This is a combat-orientated roleplay with some similarities to Dungeons and Dragons. The catch? You create your own unique abilities. These abilities are balanced by Moderators (but are subject to change). Each character is unique! We are a quickly growing roleplay! We accept everyone and anyone willing to create a character! No limit on how many roleplayers may join :)

The setting is a modern-day (slightly futuristic) magic high school. Every student is a magic user on their way to become a distinguished mage or scholarly wizard. Students progress through four years of high school, where they grow as an individual and as a collective. How will you live your magic high school life? Drama? Combat? You get to decide! Come to the Mana Central High roleplay to experience it!

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